Ifi - xDSD

  • iFi
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Award-winning xDSD makes your music sound better
  • Compatible with all the headphones you use when out
  • Plays high-quality digital audio file formats up to DSD512
  • MQA ready straight out of the box
  • Battery - 3.8V/2200mAh
  • Warranty period - 12 months

Wireless. Wired.
The xDSD is for people who love to listen — on the go or at home.

You choose wireless via Bluetooth® or wired via USB or SPDIF.

Apple or Android, DAP, games console or TV, just connect the xDSD and enjoy the ultimate audio experience.

Hi-Res. Future-proof.
The xDSD plays high-quality digital audio file formats up to DSD512. Listen to your favourite tracks as they were meant to be.

In love with Hi-Res streaming? Listen to Tidal HiFi and Spotify Premium with ease.

The xDSD is also MQA ready straight out of the box. Use with Tidal ‘HiFi’ on your computer or mobile.

And it’s fully Roon tested for easy set-up.

Bluetooth freedom.
The convenience of Bluetooth® means your headphones connect to the xDSD, leaving your phone or chosen device wire free. Pop the xDSD in your pocket and it’s business as usual but with much better sound.

The xDSD boasts both aptX™ and AAC™ Bluetooth® for CD-like quality. With standard Bluetooth®, the sound quality drops by 30%, not so with the iFi Bluetooth® implementation. Just a little iFi magic for you!

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