Pro-Ject - X2B - w/ Ortofon MC Quintet Red

If you are looking for a premium vinyl playback performance the X2B will deliver. I love the Ortofon Quintet Red cartridge, it plays quiet and is detailed and punchy. It will play well with even modest MC phono stages. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Pro-Ject made in Europe
  • Fully adjustable tonearm
  • Mini XLR for a balanced output to your phono stage input
  • Ortofon Quintet Red Moving Coil cartridge 
  • Resonance free acryl
  • High precision motor control
  • Damped & height adjustable
  • 9'' Carbon-Aluminium Tonearm
  • Semi-balanced RCA cable
  • Dimensions: 460 x 150 x 340 mm (WxHxD)
  • User Manual

                  New motor suspension
                  A good motor by itself, is already very quiet. To get the best performance out of it, we have improved the motor suspension. The X2‘s motor chassis is carefully balanced and suspended on a precision tuned TPE belt - this way the motor chassis is effectively decoupled from the main plinth for optimal performance.

                  9'' Carbon-Aluminium Tonearm
                  Compared with its little brother the X1, the tonearm is longer - 9“ in length - and the tube has a wider diameter. The carbon/aluminium sandwhich construction results in better internal damping. The increased mass makes the tonearm an excellent fit for low compliance MC cartridges.

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