WireWorld - Solstice 8 Interconnect 2.0M

  • WireWorld
  • DESIGN: Tri DNA Helix
  • RCA CONDUCTORS: 3 (13 strand groups)     Gauge: 23AWG |  0.26 sq. mm
  • XLR CONDUCTORS: 3 (13 strand groups)     Gauge: 26AWG |  0.13 sq. mm
  • CONDUCTOR MATERIALS: Silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper
  • PLUG CONTACTS: Silver + gold plated

With a new Tri DNA Helix design, Solstice 8’s silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper conductors and COMPOSILEX 3 insulation improve reproduction of musical detail and expression in both analog and balanced digital applications. Gold Tube RCA plugs have a smooth firm grip and the highest conductivity in their class.

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