WireWorld - Platinum Starlight 8 USB 2.0

  • WireWorld
  • DESIGN: Uni-Path  –  90 Ohms
  • SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: Qty: 3    Gauge: 28AWG  |  0.08 sq. mm
  • CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Solid silver
  • PLUG CONTACTS: 24K Gold-plated with Carbon Fiber shells
  • NOTE: P2AB (A to B plugs); P2AM (A to Micro-B)

               P2CA (C to A); P2CB (C to B); P2CM (C to Micro-B)

Breakthrough sound quality made Platinum Starlight USB cables an industry benchmark for a decade. Platinum Starlight 8 continues that tradition with solid silver conductors, elegant carbon fiber plugs, exclusive Uni-Path geometry and ultra-quiet COMPOSILEX 3 insulation. This USB digital audio cable also features double thickness shields and a fully isolated and filtered power conductor to maximize sonic purity. These advanced design features and upgraded materials make Platinum Starlight 8 USB the ultimate cable for lifelike music reproduction.

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