Weiss 501 DAC - Digital to Analogue converter



The Weiss 501 and 502 are easily one of the best DAC’s available at this price and almost twice the price. Read any of the reviews any they will tell you the same, the music reproduction is stunning, and this is right out of the box with no adjustments. I invite you to come and have a listen - Mike @ Audio Two
  • Weiss Engineering - Made in Switzerland 
  • Full linear power supply (Class A)
  • All standard sampling frequencies up to 384 kHz plus DSD x64 and x128 are supported
  • Roon Ready via Ethernet connection
  • Plenty of options including - a room EQ and de-essing to crosstalk cancellation, dynamics compensation, loudness control, and even vinyl emulation
  • Input connections AES/EBU, S/PDIF (coax) , Toslink, UPnP/DLNA via Ethernet USB, Roon Ready via Ethernet.
  • Outputs are XLR and RCA (adjustable outputs for proper matching 0db,-10db,-20db)
  • Very capable headphone output 

Unveil the true sound of the audio material with the compact DAC501 digital-to-analog converter. The DAC501 goes beyond simply reproducing your sound — it also lets you correct frequency imbalances in your room and adjust the sound to better suit your preference.


To achieve its exceptional performance specifications, the DAC501 uses dual 32-bit D/A converter chips, with two conversion channels per audio channel.

It also uses an internal high-precision/low jitter clock generator for ultra-stable clocking of the D/A converter section.


The built-in audio processing is based on the same trailblazing algorithms used in Weiss Engineering’s professional audio tools.


The DAC501 comes with an IR remote control which can be used to select the active input and output, the DSP audio processing presets, and switch power on and off.

Furthermore, it is possible to control and configure the DAC501 via a web browser, which adds detailed control of the DSP processing and preset management.

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