Walker Audio - Talisman

$185 $395

Destatics and Magnetically Optimizes LP’s, CD’s, Speakers and cables. 

Lloyd Walker was a legend in the Audio industry and was able to create some truly unique products. His Prelude record cleaning fluid was legendary. Now the Talisman is unique and very effective at improving LP and CD playback. It can also be used on speaker drivers and cables. I’ve tried it on my LP’s and CD’s, shook my head and definitely could hear the improvement. I have 5 of these and keeping one, so 4 are up for grabs. You can read several reviews and it was also recommended by HiFi Choice.

Lloyd is gone now so here’s your chance to own a part of his legacy.

Magnetic fields and static electricity can greatly affect audio and video playback equipment and source material. The Talisman temporarily dissipates magnetic fields and static electricity allowing the phono cartridge or laser reader to transmit a purer, more accurate signal. Use the Talisman to treat LPs, CDs, SACDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu Ray discs, as well as treating your audio and video cables in place!
Newest Application: Speaker Drivers
We recently began treating speakers with the Talisman with great results. Others are experiencing success too. One customer said, “Ever since you called we have been trying the Talisman on speakers, even a pair of Martin-Logan Spires on down to a pair of inexpensive bookshelves – works every time.”

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