Synergistic Research - SR30 Power Cord - 5 feet

  • Synergistic Research - Made in the USA
  • Lowers your system’s noise floor
  • Increases resolution and holographic realism
  • Utilizes OFC copper selected for its musicality and resolution
  • Carbon tuning discs included - Gold and purple
Thirty years ago, we developed the world’s first true audio-grade power cable with the original AC Master Coupler. Since then, we have perfected AC power cable technology, and we’ve rolled everything we’ve learned into the SR30 power cables. 12-gauge OFC copper delivers high current to all your components, including power-hungry mono-block amplifiers, without loss or compression of dynamics. And to lower your system’s noise floor and increase resolution and holographic realism, we’ve borrowed the same UEF Matrix Shielding first developed for our new Atmosphere SX and SRX power cables. Of course, SR30 power cables receive the same long-duration, multi-frequency high voltage conditioning process first developed for SRX loom cables for a power cable with unmatched holographic realism and detail with musicality not matched in power cables several times their cost. And for a custom match to your system, we’ve included two Carbon Tuning Discs, one Gold for warmth and liquidity without loss of detail and one Purple disc for extension and air in the most holographic sound envelope possible. Or go straight without a Carbon Tuning Disc; the choice is yours.

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