Synergistic Research - SR30 Interconnect Cables

  • Synergistic Research - Made in the USA
  • Extracts rich harmonics in the music combined with a clarifying effect
  • Utilizes OFC copper selected for its musicality and resolution
  • Carbon tuning discs included - Gold and purple
SR30 speaker cables utilize OFC copper selected for its musicality and resolution in equal measure. To lower your system’s noise floor, we use the same UEF Matrix EM field control found in our flagship SRX cable loom for a pitch-black background and inner detail without fatigue. And for room-shaking, tightly controlled bass, we borrowed a geometry perfected over 30 years. Lastly, we treat each speaker cable with over 1-million volts of electricity in a new long-duration conditioning process over multiple frequencies first developed for our state-of-the-art SRX cable loom for breathtaking three-dimensional sound without grain or harshness despite industry-leading SR resolution. You can custom voice SR30 speaker cables to your speakers with included Carbon Tuning Discs for a sound that is warm and liquid with the Gold Discs or open and airy with the Purple Discs. Or go straight with no discs at all. The choice is yours.

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