Synergistic Research - HFT Performance Speaker Kit

Even before any music is playing in your room, everything is moving, everything is energy. Every room has a resonant frequency. Synergistic HFT’s added to your room and speakers can optimize the sound of any room and any speaker - I’ve done it, I will show you how. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Synergistic Research
  • Sound meets science
  • Ideal for almost any speaker type, even planar
  • Dramatically improve your speakers ability
  • Improved mid-range clarity, and smoother more articulate highs
  • User Manual
HFT speaker Kits come with (3) Standard HFT's (2) HFT 2.0's and (2) HFT X's or enough to treat (1) speaker. The combination of the 3 HFT types is ideal for most speakers. With easy to follow placement guidelines you will dramatically improve your speakers ability to disappear in your room with tighter bass, improved mid-range clarity, and smoother more articulate highs.

NEW - HFT speaker Kits now include an additional standard HFT to place on the ceiling directly above your speaker.

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