Synergistic Research - FEQ Carbon

Even before any music is playing in your room, everything is moving, everything is energy. Every room has a resonant frequency. Synergistic’s FEQ Carbon added to your room will optimize the sound dramatically, even an open concept room - I’ve done it, I will show you how it works. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Synergistic Research - Made in the USA
  • Sound meets science
  • Technology that allows you to tailor the size and scale of your soundstage with stunning realism
  • User Manual

Next stop, the Twilight Zone.
Imagine listening to Charlie Parker at Birdland, then walk into Carnegie Hall and getting seated in the best seats in the house. No other technology allows you to tailor the size and scale of your soundstage with stunning realism, to portray the music and venue you are experiencing accurately. The Synergistic Research FEQ Carbon is a third-generation, two-channel acoustic field generator.  New to the FEQ Carbon is a wholly redesigned PCB with dual RF generators. The first function of the redesign was to provide the ability to create different wave shapes, and the second was the addition of a 2nd, independently controlled ULF generator channel.  This is similar to what has been used in the SR Atmosphere Infinity but is the first FEQ to have this ability, which meant 100’s of hours in the listening room finding the perfect combination of options and settings.  Next was the new carbon fiber chassis.  Not only cosmetically beautiful, but the carbon fiber chassis also improves the broadcast of ULF frequencies through its conductive weave. As a result, layering, three-dimensionality, and holographic realism are much improved over all single frequency FEQ’s of the past decade.  In some aspects, the FEQ Carbon even outperforms the much larger and more complex Synergistic Research Atmosphere Infinity as we have isolated two different frequency combinations that represent a near-perfect yin and yang with focus and clarity on acoustic recordings and a more holographic soundstage on recordings mastered to convey a large and enveloping sound field.

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