Saturn Audio - 103C Power Filter - mkII


Our #1 selling performance power component... 

Our music starts its life at the wall socket. Even after leaving the power plant, the current is still filled with outside noise - like refrigerators and stoves - and the current from all your other appliances. Cell phone chargers can be especially disruptive. Thankfully, the 103C mkII Power Filter eliminates almost all of this noise, much like cleaning a window opens up the view, or polishing metal to a shine brightens it. Movies will be clearer, and music will come through better. Plus, it doesn’t limit the current to your gear - you get the power it needs, without "choking" the current. Audio Two clients rave about its performance - if you don't agree, send it back for a refund (less shipping). - Mike @ Audio Two

  • Non-current limiting power filter - this is a unique in parallel design.
  • The 103C offers an additional 50% filtering capacity compared to the 102C
  • Available in Silver or Black faceplate versions
  • Spiked or Rubber feet included
  • 15A / 120v rated Power Filter 
  • 12 outlets featuring Hubble industrial cryo treated receptacles
  • Industrial quality 14ga power cord included
  • 10 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 17” x 15” x 5.75” 
Exclusive 8th Generation designs, not employed by any other manufacturer, render Saturn Audio's 100 series filters exceptional. Capacitance based filtration circuits offer zero transient power loss and superior current flow compared to transformer based filters, allowing for non-current limiting filters, balanced and hybrid designs. Through years of research devoted to the study of power line noise, these remarkable products boast unmatched noise-eliminating technology.


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