Saturn Audio - 102C Power Filter - mkII

Our music begins its journey at the wall plug. Everything in the electrical system  before it reaches your home, will carry some noise, noise from outside the home, like your neighbours fridge and stove. Then every other appliance in your home as well. Cell phone chargers are really noisy…
The power filter removes almost all of this noise, its like cleaning the glass on a window or polishing metal to a shine, you hear much more of the music. A movie will also be much clearer. The second benefit is that it doesn’t limit the power current to your equipment, it will deliver the power it required without choking it. Clients absolutely love the performance. If you don’t love it, ship it back and we will refund you less the shipping.  Mike @ Audio Two
    • Non- current limiting power filter
    • Majority of the electrical path is cryo treated by a proprietary process
    • Electrical Certified by ESA and TÜV
    • 8 outlets, all delivering full power without limitations
    • Spikes with protectors and 3M vibra pod feet are included to offer custom isolation versatility
    • Industrial quality 14ga power cord included
    • 10 year warranty
    • Dimensions: 17” x 15” x 4.5” 

                  All 100 series filters employ exclusive 8th Generation designs from Gilbert Yeung not found on any other filters by any other manufacturer.

                  Capacitance based filtration circuits provide zero transient power loss and superior current flow compared to transformer based filters

                  Offers non current limiting filters, balanced and hybrid designs. Our filters are superior performing filters due to the application of years of study and knowledge of power line noise. These remarkable products boast technology that address the main power line noise contamination.

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