Pro-Ject - RPM 3 Carbon

  • Pro-ject USA
  • Precision belt drive using free-standing synchronous motor
  • Central mass point optimizes resonant behavior
  • Ultra precision DC-driven AC generator motor power
  • Inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball
  • Platter made from MDF using vinyl mat
  • 10” S-shaped tonearm made from carbon, aluminum, resin utilizing special heat and pressure treatments
  • Magnetic antiskating
  • Counterweight with TPE damping
  • Three high-gloss colors (black, red, white)
  • Lid available as an option
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Dimensions: 37.3 × 44.7 × 11.8 cm
  • User Manual

                  Pro-Ject’s RPM 3 Carbon turntable utilizes evolutionary enhancements to improve the performance of the RPM series: A low resonance chassis holds an inverted platter bearing with a ceramic ball for a reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an ultra-precision AC generator with a DC power supply for further enhanced speed stability. A 10“ S-shaped tonearm tube is made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and resin. Using a complex 3-step process with heat treatment and 100bar pressure, arm tube rigidity is strengthened, internal damping is maximized and resonances are reduced to a minimum. This makes the tonearm also suitable for MC cartridges. The RPM 3 Carbon features a magnetic anti-skating mechanism and a TPE-damped counterweight. All ingredients add up to a miracle in sound for the price and ultra-stylish look!

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