Rotel - RAP-1580MKII

No question about it, this is a premium component with premium performance. Even connecting a simple Apple TV to the Rotel video input will make you shake your head at the performance improvement compared to a direct to monitor connection. This is confirmation of the video processing capability, it’s stellar. The Rotel audio performance is as expected, full of detail and never shrinks when driven hard during action movies. It is very much worthy of a place in your home, it passes the great sound in your home test. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Rotel
  • Dirac Live LE full room audio optimization and delivers unrivaled room correction with improved sound staging
  • Delivers exceptional audio and video performance and the ideal premium home theater solution
  • Dolby Atmos up to 7.1.4 processing with Class AB power 140 watts per channel
  • Excellent 2 channel audio performance
  • Audio Two is a authorized Rotel dealer in store and online
  • Dimensions: 431 × 192 × 470mm (W × H × D)
  • User Manual

RAP-1580MKII is the ideal home theater solution delivering uncompromised performance that rivals many separates theater components supporting DTS:X and Dolby Atmos up to 7.1.4 processing bringing music and movies to life.  The integrated Class AB 140 Watt amplifier is driven by a massive Rotel manufactured toroidal transformer with exceptional energy and control.

The array of 6 audiophile grade Wolfson 24-bit/192kHz Digital-to-Analog converters with hand selection of all critical audio components deliver extraordinary detail and resolution with an extremely low noise floor. 

Dirac Live LE and included USB measurement microphone delivers unrivaled room correction with improved staging, better clarity and deeper, tighter bass ensuring the RAP-1580MKII delivers optimal performance in any setting.

The 8 x 2 HDMI connections support 4K video with HDCP 2.2 HDR supported on 3 of these inputs and both outputs.  The RAP-1580MKII includes a vast array of audio inputs including analog, digital, PC-USB with 24b/192k, apt-X wireless Bluetooth, XLR, Moving Magnet Phono stage and front panel iOS USB. 

A front panel graphic display provides easy adjustments of all configuration parameters.  RS232 and Ethernet connections ensures connectivity with all popular control systems. 

Rotel's RAP-1580MKII is simple to operate, powerful, flexible, and refined welcomed in any home theater setting.

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