Rotel - CD14MKII

  • Rotel
  • Premium 32-bit Texas Instruments Digital to Analog Converter
  • Smooth tray loading CD mechanism
  • 12 volt trigger input
  • Coax output for use as a transport
  • Includes remote control
  • Dimensions: 430 × 98 × 314mm (W × H × D)
The CD14MKII follows Rotel’s proud tradition of delivering award winning CD players for over 30 years including the RCD-855 launched to critical acclaim in 1989 and continuing today supporting the over 200 billion CDs sold in the market. The MKII model includes acoustic and performance upgrades and innovations including enhancements to the power supply, printed circuit board and layout design isolation techniques and new acoustically tuned audio components resulting in a more accurate reproduction of the audio with richer and genuine detail. Critical Digital to Analog conversion in the CD14MKII is managed by a premium Texas Instruments 32-bit DAC with custom tuned external analog output filters. The DAC digital and analog circuits are fed by independent voltage and current power supplies eliminating unwanted distortion and isolating motor
controls from sensitive audio circuits further reducing noise and distortion.

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