Q Acoustics - Concept 20 Bookshelf Speaker - DEMO in White

$499 $899.99
The white pair is a demo pair used for display and has minimal playing hours. They sound very good for their size, great for 100-150 sq foot room. The many awards received are well 
  • Q Acoustic
  • Reduces cabinet resonance 
  • Enjoy genuine ‘high end’ sonic performance
  • Allows you to enjoy high-end sonic performances
  • Beautifully finished and designed for music lovers
  • Attractive brushed aluminum facia plate is not purely decorative
  • Dimensions: 260 x 170 x 280 mm (W × H × D)

Our Concept 20 compact bookshelf speakers are beautifully finished and designed for music lovers who want to enjoy performances at their very highest quality. They feature revolutionary Gelcore™ construction, which allows you to enjoy high-end sonic performances at an affordable price. The cabinet within a cabinet design binds the inner and outer enclosures with an adhesive that never quite sets, allowing the kinetic energy from the drive units to be dispersed as heat. This dramatically reduces resonances and coloration. The speakers are even better when paired with the matching speaker stands, which optimize performance thanks to the resonance-free construction. Place them on furniture, bookshelves or even use with suitable wall brackets.

The beautifully finished, compact and eminently affordable Concept 20 loudspeaker is designed for music lovers who wish to enjoy performances at their very highest quality. The Concept 20 changes everything. Their revolutionary ‘Gelcore™ Construction’ incorporated into their design means, for the very first time, music lovers can enjoy genuine ‘high end’ sonic performance at a very affordable price. The astonishing ability of the Concept 20 is best revealed when the loudspeakers are used in conjunction with the matching Concept 20 Speaker Stands which, to optimize performance, boasts a Gelcore™ layer in its top plate. This is both visually striking and is resonance-free to optimize sonic performance. With the option of either lacquered gloss black, or lacquered gloss white, not only will they sound amazing, but will also look great. Their versatile design means they are also at home on furniture, bookshelves or suitable wall brackets. Wherever you decide to place them, they will deliver an amazing experience that many of those with a higher price range struggle to reach.

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