Q Acoustics - 3050i Floorstanding Speaker

  • Q Acoustic
  • New low profile binding posts
  • Helps keep the enclosure extra quiet
  • Equalizes air pressure within the 3050i cabinet
  • Uses a 22mm decoupled High Frequency Driver
  • Eliminates sympathetic resonance within the enclosures
  • Dimensions: 1020 x 310 x 317 mm (W × H × D)

Our 3050i floor standing speakers take design and technological principles from the Concept 500s to deliver a stunning sonic performance. They utilize point-to-point (P2P™) bracing techniques to reduce cabinet resonance for a purer sound and more accurate soundstage. This was paired with Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer (HPE™) technology to eliminate sympathetic resonance. The 3050i speakers have 165mm and 22mm precision drivers. The 22mm decoupled, high-frequency driver with wide surround creates a wide and even dispersion of stereo. 3050i tweeters are decoupled from the baffle via a compliant suspension system. Vibrations from the woofer, which can impair the performance of the tweeter, are isolated. This allows the tweeter to perform with dramatically reduced interference.

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