Premium Vinyl Care Bundle by MoFi - Brush, inner and outer sleeves and cleaner

$109 $123

Imagine wiping a dirty window with a dry sponge... nails on a chalkboard, yes.

Don't do that to your records too. A brush is a duster for a clean record.

Protect your valuable music investment and ensure that your records maintain their superior sound quality with the Premium Vinyl Care Bundle by MoFi. This bundle includes a brush, inner and outer sleeves, and cleaner, all designed to keep your records clean and ready for playback. The MoFi brush and One cleaning solution effectively remove dirt and dust from the grooves, ensuring optimal sound quality and extending the lifespan of your records. With the anti-static inner sleeves and ultra clear outer sleeves, your record jackets will remain in perfect condition. Make every listening experience a pristine and enjoyable one with the Premium Vinyl Care Bundle by MoFi.

Mike @ AudioTwo

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