Nordost - Red Dawn Power Cord

If you upgrade just one cable… the power cord is the one. This is the journey of where the music begins, it is the most important and the most overlooked. A stock power cord reduces the flow of electrons by 50%, I have seen the test and you can hear the change, its not subtle. Local customers always can test first and then decide for themselves before they buy, and, they do. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Nordost - Made in the USA
  • Micro-Mono-Filament construction
  • 15 amp IEC Standard
  • 3 x 14 AWG 65 strand 99.9999% OFC conductors
  • FEP insulation/UL® approved
  • Audio Two is an authorized Online Nordost retailer in Canada

It used to be the case that all systems ran on stock power cords, but recent experience has shown that, far from the occasional afterthought they once were, properly designed audiophile power cords are fundamental to system performance.  In fact, the effects are so demonstrable, so obvious, that power cords are fast assuming their proper position as the most important cables in your system.

The Red Dawn Power Cord employs high-speed, low-loss, heavy gauge 3 x 14 AWG Micro Mono-Filament conductors sheathed in FEP insulation. The minimal dielectric effect and propagation delay ensures that power is transported as directly as possible, straight to your equipment, while purpose built, audio-grade connectors maintain the low source impedance of your AC supply and ensure superior grounding.

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