Nordost - QSOURCE Linear Power Supply - (4) 5V and (2) configurable voltages

Many smaller components have a little power brick (power supply) that take up a bunch of space on the wall plug or power distribution setup. These are cheap power supplies (to reduce costs) and hold back the full performance of the component. Small DAC’s, headphone amplifiers, turntables, Ethernet switches, music servers (19v Roon Nucleus) will all benefit from cleaner, more stable power. This creates a synergy where 1+1 = 3 or more. Music starts at the wall plug. Mike @ Audio Two
Most popular configuration is the 19V for a Roon Nucleus and Nordost Qnet Ethernet switch for Exceptional streaming performance. 
  • Nordost - Made in the USA
  • (4) 5V outputs
  • (2) configurable - 9V, 12V, or 19V and 12V, 19V, or 24V
  • Linear Power Supply designed specifically for hi-fi audio applications
  • Provides a stable, clean output of DC power at select voltages while maintaining extremely low noise levels
  • Top-of-the-line transformer with unique circuit design
  • Internal QRT module smooths out DC output and removes electrical anomalies and noise artifacts from the line
  • Audio Two is an authorized Online Nordost retailer in Canada

The QSOURCE is a fanless Linear Power Supply designed specifically for hi-fi audio applications. By providing a stable, clean output of DC power at select voltages, while maintaining extremely low noise levels, the QSOURCE enhances the audio imagery of a sound system by improving sonic articulation, heightening dynamics, and expanding the sound stage.  

The QSOURCE uses a top-of-the-line transformer with a unique circuit design to convert AC to DC power while an internal QRT module removes electrical anomalies and noise artifacts from the line and smooths out the DC output, so that audio components are running on the highest quality DC power possible. From a sonic perspective, this clean power makes all the difference, providing excellent regulation, very low ripple, and outstanding transient response, allowing your components to achieve their peak performance.  

In addition to the four, 5V outputs designated for QPOINTs, the QSOURCE provides two outlets that can supply 9V, 12V, or 19V and 12V, 19V, or 24V respectively, which can be chosen to match the requirements of your electronics. To complete the transmission chain, Nordost has designed purpose-built QSOURCE DC Cables to fit the QPOINT and any other DC-run components in your system.



"To introduce intangibles like atmosphere and timbral finesse, along with tangibles like deep resolution and transparency out to the corners, you might consider the Nordost QSOURCE… the level of refinement the QSOURCE LPS brought exceeded my expectations; my quest for a Hi-End LPS ends here."

– Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback


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