Having a very clean distribution of power is absolutely key for any hi-fi system. We can demonstrate this at the studio or in your home, the increase in performance is not subtle. Music begins at the wall socket. Mike@audiotwo
  • Nordost - Made in the USA
  • 8 outlet design
  • Focused star ground for superior sonic performance 
  • No in-line filtering or active circuitry keeps the lowest possible AC supply impedance
  • Primary Earth grounding
  • External ground post for connection to separate clean ground
  • Dedicated Fuse
  • Comes with one replacement fuse
  • Audio Two is an authorized Online Nordost retailer in Canada

Utilizing "star-earth topology", Nordost's QBASE QB4 Mark III provides a solid foundation for high-performing two-channel audio systems, addressing noise-inducing signal and ground path conflicts within hifi systems through an elegant and simple concept. By elevating the ground in a passive manner, this AC distribution unit creates an uninterrupted, straight-line distribution path from the wall to each component, isolating them and eliminating conflicting flow between signal and ground paths without any in-line filtering or active circuitry.

 The QBASE Mark III units are constructed with a precision-engineered extruded aluminum body and durable connectors that maintain optimal connectivity even after prolonged use. This model boasts a dual-level PC-board design that effectively separates ground connections from line and neutral traces, minimizing interference and crosstalk between live/neutral and ground currents. Each PC-board includes enhanced trace sizes to increase current flow and reduce crosstalk, and the unit is internally wired with Nordost Mono-Filament wire. To top it all off, a resistance "sink" provides added protection and efficiently dampens eddy currents.

 Experience the all-encompassing impact of the QBASE Mark III on every connected component. This revolutionary unit enhances 3D imaging, tonal richness, and sustained decay time, while delivering a clear increase in power and maintaining a neutral and effortless performance. Facts and domain expertise prove its unique benefits for your entire system.


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