Nordost - Purple Flare Power Cord

This is the perfect performance upgrade for your Apple TV, Bluesound node or most wireless speakers with a figure 8 style plug. The performance will increase greatly, picture and sound. Stock power costs reduce the current flow by 50%…. Performance suffers and restrains its potential. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Nordost Cables - Made in USA
  • Micro Mono-Filament construction
  • Dedicated two conductor design for figure 8 application only (Apple TV for example)
  • 2 x 16 AWG 65 strand 99.9999% OFC conductors
  • FEP insulation
  • UL® approved
  • 10.0pF/ft Capacitance
  • 0.155µH/ft Inductance
  • Audio Two is an authorized Online Nordost retailer in Canada

When you listen to your system, you are actually listening to the AC mains supply. This makes the most important cables in your system the ones feeding power into the equipment. They are responsible for the raw material that gets turned into the sound you hear. Nordost employs FEP insulation and their proven, proprietary high-speed, low-loss Micro Mono-Filament construction to deliver the best possible power source for your system.

The Purple Flare Power Cord employs a dedicated, two-core topology designed to maximize the performance of screens and electronics using Figure-8 AC inputs. If you've never seen your video display fed by a high-quality power cord, Purple Flare is the one to try. It is available in a full range of AC plug options.

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