Nordost - Blue Heaven Power Cord

This is the journey of where the music begins, it is the most important and the most overlooked. A stock power cord reduces the flow of electrons by 50%, I have seen the test and you can hear the change, its not subtle. Local customers always can test first and then decide for themselves before they buy, and, they do. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Nordost - Made in the USA
  • Micro Mono-Filament construction
  • 15 amp IEC
  • 3 x 16 AWG 65 strand 99.9999% OFC conductors
  • FEP insulation/UL® approved
  • 10.0pF/ft capacitance
  • 0.155µH/ft Inductance
  • Audio Two is an authorized Online Nordost retailer in Canada

When you listen to your system, you are actually listening to the AC mains supply. This makes the most important cables in your system the ones feeding power into the equipment. They are responsible for the raw material that gets turned into the sound. Nordost employs FEP insulation and its high-speed, low-loss Micro Mono-Filament construction to deliver the best possible power source for your system.

The Blue Heaven Power Cord seems like a conventional, three-core AC cord, but don't be fooled. The use of Nordost's proven, proprietary high-speed, low-loss Micro Mono-Filament construction and FEP insulation throughout transforms its performance and the performance of your system. When it comes to your equipment's power supply, you need quality as well as quantity, and the Blue Heaven Power Cord delivers both, making it the crucial foundation on which to build your system's performance. It is available in a full range of AC plug options.

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