NAD - CI 580 V2 BluOS Network Music Player - 4 music zones

Your home is your entertainment center. This music streamer allows you to have 4 separate zones in your home. Play individually, together, same or different content. This could be in a kitchen, patio, pool house, garage, bedroom, the choice is yours. Paired with the NAD CI-980 4 zone amplifier you can have beautiful sound throughout your home. Adding more zones is very easy if required.
Contact sales@audiotwo and learn how easy this can be to implement into your new home construction or your current home. 
  • NAD - Designed in Canada
  • BluOS streaming platform for easy multiple person use and access
  • Spotify, Airplay2, Tidal, Amazon music, internet radio channels, and more 
  • Combines four stereo zones into one compact 1U rack space
  • Available as a digital or analogue output
  • Easily fit into many other existing distributed audio systems
  • Multiple CI 580 V2s can be used  in conjunction with BluOS to provide up to 64 zones
  • BluOS integrates all your music sources into a single, easy-to-browse user interface
  • Fully compatible with other BluOS Enabled devices, including select NAD products and those from sister brand, Bluesound

Stream Music to Multiple BluOS Zones

The CI 580 V2 packs four stereo zones into a 1U rack space to provide the most flexible and cost-effective BluOS package. Multiple CI 580 V2s can be used to provide as many zones as required, and each zone can be grouped together in perfect sync using the BluOS Controller app, or you can play individual streams in different zones simultaneously. The CI 580 V2 is now more flexible than ever with AirPlay 2 built-in for easy integration into the Apple ecosystem.

BluOS™ Music Management

Unlike other solutions that rely on UPnP, the CI 580 V2 features the BluOS operating system. BluOS supports many popular music services with playback of music at up to 24/96.

Hands-free Voice Control with Alexa

Add the BluOS Voice Skill inside the Amazon Alexa app and enjoy hands-free voice control of personal music collections, streaming services and more using a list of simple streamlined commands. Using an Echo device you can ask Alexa to play popular songs from Tidal, queue up saved playlists, adjust the volume in different rooms, or ask what’s playing in the Kitchen. No Echo device and want to try it out? No problem. Download the Amazon Alexa app, activate the skill, tap the speech bubble in the bottom drawer of the Amazon Alexa app and say anything from the list of commands.

A BluOS Controller app is available for mobile devices and desktop, and allows you to access, control and stream music playlists to multiple BluOS Enabled zones in the home using simple touch-screen commands.

Lag-free Multi-Zone Streaming

The CI 580 can be integrated into a BluOS connected home, and deliver music streams to any zone you select instantaneously. By focusing on how to improve musical performance while providing a seamless network music experience, the CI 580 ensures that there are no skips or delays – even when streaming and controlling music from your mobile device. Analogue and digital inputs are also available to add a cable box or other non-network sources, and make them available and selectable in every zone. The CI 580 V2 also includes a system interrupt feature to allow for doorbells and fire alarms to be heard.

Master Quality Authenticated

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is a revolutionary end-to-end technology built into all of NAD’s BluOS Enabled CI solutions to capture and deliver MQA music to any and every room in your home. All BluOS Enabled amplifiers and systems include a powerful decoder and audio renderer for the millions of the MQA encoded songs, The MQA logo shown in the BluOS app indicates that the unit is decoding and playing an MQA stream or file, and lets you know that you are hearing exactly what the artist recorded and approved in the studio.

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