Monitor Audio - Silver 500 7G

  • Monitor Audio
  • Punchy bass
  • Beautifully crafted looks
  • A great high and mid-range response
  • Consistent and smooth frequency response
  • Keeps the sound perfectly clear and controlled
  • Dimensions: 1095 x 319 x 389 mm (W × H × D)

There are plenty of technical innovations in the Silver 500 7G. Rigid Surface Technology II that keeps the sound perfectly clear and controlled even at high volume. A crossover system that balances output from the tweeter and bass driver as needed. A consistent and smooth frequency response that sounds great with all genres of music. We could go on, but you only really need to hear one thing: the first note of your favorite song played on a pair of Silver 500 7G speakers. Then you’ll understand why it’s everything the hardened audiophile could want, and everything the casual listener could need.

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