Monitor Audio - Gold W12

  • Monitor Audio
  • Premium subwoofer
  • For lovers of deep and refined bass notes
  • Delivers all the music and harmonic detail
  • A must-have addition to any speaker set-up
  • Every soundtrack is reinforced by the deep and balanced depth
  • Dimensions: 413 x 410 x 433.5 mm (W × H × D)

All of the rumble and wallop of Hollywood’s most action-packed blockbusters is yours from the potent Gold W12 Subwoofer, in which a 12" (305 mm) long-throw driver is reinforced by a pair of Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABR) and powered by 600 W of Class D amplification. The power and scale this combination are capable of generating can be felt just as easily as it can be heard, thanks to its prodigious 20 Hz bass extension.

Gold W12 has a number of fine-tuning options, and thanks to Monitor Audio’s Automatic Position Correction (APC) system, the subwoofer can work at its optimum no matter where it’s positioned. And this is no blunt instrument – Gold W12 is just as capable of delivering all the music and harmonic detail of a kettle drum to the earth-shattering power of a volcanic explosion.

Settings adjustment is provided by the innovative controller mounted on the cabinet top panel, or by using Monitor Audio’s proprietary ‘SubConnect’ software. The settings provide four fully configurable user pre-sets per input, including modes for; Flat/Music/Movie and Impact equalizer settings. Fine-tuning can be made by adjusting the frequency, slope, trim and equalizer filters for each pre-set. The Night Mode actively reduces the dynamic range of louder sections according to the level the listener desires.

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