Monitor Audio - Gold 300

  • Monitor Audio
  • Premium driver technology
  • A true three-way arrangement
  • Produce a speaker designed to last a lifetime
  • Engineered to deliver a true audiophile experience
  • Melded with class-leading cabinet construction
  • Delivering smooth airflow and ample bass reinforcement
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 240 x 360.6 mm (W × H × D)

Gold 300 is the pinnacle of the range. Its deceptively large cabinet houses a 2½" (64 mm) C-CAM mid-range driver with a MPD high-frequency transducer above and a pair of 8" (203 mm) RDT II bass drivers below, in a true three-way arrangement.

Also featuring a pair of rear-facing HiVe II ports delivering smooth airflow and ample bass reinforcement, Gold 300 is the ideal speaker for larger rooms. Its punch and dynamism are matched only by its subtlety and fidelity – Gold 300’s effortless authority, from a crisp 50 kHz at the top end to an earth-moving 30 Hz at the bottom, makes it perfect for any and all listening requirements.

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