Monitor Audio - Gold 200

  • Monitor Audio
  • Beautiful cabinetry
  • Delivers full-scale performance
  • Most compact floor stander in the series
  • Backed up by dual rear-firing HiVe II ports
  • Features the driver technology of our Platinum II flagship speaker
  • Dimensions: 950 x 195 x 330.6 mm (W × H × D)

A more compact floorstander, the Gold 200 nevertheless delivers full-scale performance. Its three-way design features two 6½" (165 mm) RDT II bass drivers beneath a 2½" (64 mm) C-CAM mid-range driver with a MPD high-frequency transducer module, backed up by dual rear-firing HiVe II ports.

All but the largest rooms will benefit from Gold 200’s remarkably tight and textured bass response, deftly informative mid-range and smooth high-frequency attack. Regardless of volume or your listening position, Gold 200’s powers of communication will move you.

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