Michi - X5 Series 1

$5,217 $7,130
This demo is about 4 months old, is one of the largest integrated amplifiers I have used, and one of the most fun. The old adage « there is no replacement for displacement » certainly applies. With this level of control over the speaker drivers the performance is quite stunning, there is so much depth and detail revealed. Definitely a top pick in this category, no question - Mike @ Audio Two
  • Michi - Designed in Japan
    600W/Ch (4Ω) Class AB power
    350W/Ch (8Ω)Class AB power
  • Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Phono inputs
  • AKM premium 32-bit/768kHz Digital to Analog Converter with MQA 
  • Replete with inputs ensuring support of all popular audio sources
  • Utilizes a perfect balance of innovation and critical engineering of every circuit
  • Dimensions: 485 x 195 x 452mm (W × H × D) - 98 lbs
  • User Manual

The Michi X5 Integrated Amplifier is Performance Redefined packaged in an exquisite industrial design delivering an astounding 600 Watts of Class AB power into 4 ohm speakers even under the most extreme loading conditions featuring an array of source inputs including Analog, Digital, XLR, apt-X Bluetooth, Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Phono Stage. 

Phono Input (MM): 47kΩ
Phono Input (MC): 100Ω - (flexible with most MC cartridges) ultra low voltage MC carts typically require (and reward you) an external MC Phonostage 


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