Sbooster - Bluesound Node AIB Upgrade Module


-Sbooster - Made in Europe 

Audio-Grade Components
- Sbooster-style C8 connector with gold-plated pins
- High-purity silver-plated OCC wire
- Gold-plated PCB connector terminals
- Dual-stage non-inductive low-pass filter
- High-performance active filter
- High-performance hybrid capacitors
- Two-layer 2 oz gold-plated PCB with low impedance, made in Bulgaria

Input voltage: 6V
Output voltage: 5V
Power rating: 5V/2A
Connector type: OEM Sbooster 2-pin

The AIB sits inside the Bluesound NODE/NODE X, and installation is easy and reversible, involving only a screwdriver. This "super NODE" is now powered using the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII 5-6V. Enjoy a profound upgrade to this renowned streaming DAC.


"In our opinion, we have lifted the playback quality of the Bluesound Node N130 / Node X to a level that is on par with music streamers that are many times more expensive" says Wiebren Draaijer, owner/developer at Sbooster/HD Electronics Ltd.

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