Ifi - iPurifier3

  • iFi
  • Actively ‘restores’ the USB audio+power streams
  • Ensures smooth passage for your music
  • Removes distortion caused by DC offset
  • Improve your USB audio playback experience
  • No need to worry about upgrading for years to come
  • Improved on the inside with updated components
  • Dimensions: 69(l) x 19(w) x 20(h)mm
  • Warranty period - 12 months
  • User Manual

Gremlins beware
Computer audio often comes with annoying noise and jitter.

The iPurifier3 is for anyone into USB audio who regularly battles with these irritating audio gremlins.

Never fear, let the iPurifier3 be your system’s white knight.

The white knight
The third generation and slightly larger reincarnation of the iPurifier measures just 69 x 19 x 20mm in its new, dashing white armour. Both Type A and B are available.

It uses iFi Active Noise Cancellation2 tech to decrease noise by 100x or -40dB in comparison to the common noise filter.

REclock, REgenerate, REbalance®
Our state-of-the-art REclock, REgenarate and REbalance2® technology will get your audio back on track.

Put simply, it actively ‘restores’ the USB audio+power streams which eliminates jitter and ensures smooth passage for your music. REbalance® actually removes distortion caused by DC offset.

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