Ifi - iPhono3 Black Label

  •  iFi - aWhisper-quiet noise floor
  • Set just once. Sit back. Enjoy!
  • Amplifies the signal, not the noise
  • Very latest in power supply technology
  • Dimensions: 6.2″(w) x 2.3″(h) x 1.1″(d)
  • Warranty period - 12 months
  • User Manual

For the record
Matt polished black. Super quiet noise floor.

Our phono stage circuitry uses only the best audiophile components. Computer matched op-amps, high-gain bi-polar output transistors to Nichicon audio-grade capacitors. And much more.

The iPhono3 Black Label sounds stellar. Hear into your LP.

Silent nights in
With a stunning, super-low 85dB noise floor (per Stereophile standard) the iPhono3 Black Label is out there. One of the quietest phono stages. Period.

Like any good phono stage, it amplifies the signal, not the noise. The whisper-quiet noise floor is there for any home audio system to discern. Take it for a test drive from the comfort of your favourite listening chair.

Exacting equalisation
Precise EQ curve and explosive 108dB dynamic range. Your listening room becomes a concert hall.

The AMR PH-77, the $12,000 larger sibling with 23 equalisation curves, remains the vinyl benchmark to this day. Trickle-down tech used in the iPhono3 Black Label means it features the 6 most popular stereo EQ curves.

Try the infamous 1812 Overture ‘torture test’. Won’t be the same again. The iPhono3 Black Label will have you trying ‘just one more LP’ into the wee, small hours.

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