Ingress Audio - Level 2 Stainless Steel - Vibration isolation system


Every electrical component in your system is resonating and vibrating at a very, very high speed. Not to mention the mechanical vibration from the music playing as well. This system is the closest I know, of having your component almost floating in 3 points in space. The sonic benefits are not subtle. Mike @ Audio Two

What do they do?

Used under your components they will open up the soundstage, increase detail and tighten up the lower frequencies. Recent customer email feedback was “adding your Rollerblocks was more like an entire component upgrade to my system than just a tweak”. We can’t promise the same experience, but we’re confident you will gain a huge improvement. 

How are they made?

These are machined from high quality stainless steel and machined to the same dish geometry as the high polish Level 3’s (finer polish, higher performance). The Level 2’s are very, very good and compete with much more expensive solutions.

Total height is 1.080” and works with components that have taller feet like Hegel. Included is a 8mm tapped hole for use with platforms and speakers, and if desired, using a top and bottom cup.

Set Includes (3) stainless steel bases and (3) 1/2 high carbon steel bearings 

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