Ifi - GO blu - DEMO

$170 $203
  • iFi
  • Super light. Super sound.
  • Every song on the GO!
  • Lightweight, soft-touch polymer enclosure
  • Copper-colored trim
  • High-quality chip-based (CMOS-MEMS) microphone
  • Dimensions: 54 x 34 x 13 mm
  • Warranty period - 12 months

Blu Everyday
Our new GO blu, pocket-rocket portable HD DAC/amp, is diminutive enough to take with you wherever you go! It gives you best sound from wired but the convenience of wireless as you no longer need to have a cable connection to your smartphone.
Whether you’re exercising at the gym with your Apple watch clocking your every step or catching up on your MacBook at your favourite coffee shop, the GO blu is the perfect companion.
It pairs wirelessly with your source device via Bluetooth with no need to worry about whether you’ve got the right cable for your Android or Apple device. Just pair … and GO!
Every day is a GO blu day!

Superior sound. Unbound.
Wireless headphones or earphones of any kind integrate Bluetooth processing, D/A conversion and amplification onto one, standard ‘off the shelf’ chip. There is a ceiling to the sound quality that can be achieved.
Team good corded headphones or in-ear monitors, with a separate, high-quality portable DAC/headphone amp, and your sound quality will beat any pair of wireless headphone or earphones hands down.
Using the GO blu means no compromise on sound quality.
Pair the GO blu to your Apple/Android. Connect your favourite corded headphones to the GO blu and then tuck it away – it’s so petite it will slip into your running gear or suit pocket. It’s also gorgeous enough to show off by leaving it on the table at your favourite coffee shop!

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