Hegel H390 - Hear the Power and Emotion of Your Music (Now on Sale!)

$6,200 $7,899

Experience the pinnacle of audio performance with the Hegel H390 integrated amplifier. This award-winning powerhouse delivers breathtaking sound quality, unmatched versatility, and a sleek Scandinavian design that will elevate your listening experience to new heights.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Massive Power Delivery: 2 x 250W into 8 ohms (dual mono), with dynamic power handling of up to 2 x 490W into 4 ohms, ensures effortless control of your speakers and impactful sound, even during demanding musical passages.
  • Hegel's Patented SoundEngine2 Technology: Enjoy incredibly low distortion and noise levels for pristine audio clarity and realism. Hear every nuance and detail in your music as the artist intended.
  • DualAmp Technology: Experience the best of both worlds with the unique combination of a powerful Class AB amplifier for dynamic peaks and a low-bias Class A amplifier for delicate details and smooth transitions.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Five analog inputs (including balanced XLR), two optical inputs, one coaxial input, and a high-quality headphone output provide ample flexibility for your audio sources.
  • Roon Ready: Seamlessly integrate the H390 into your Roon ecosystem for effortless music discovery,management, and high-resolution streaming.
  • Home Theater Bypass: Easily integrate the H390 into your home theater setup, allowing it to function as a pure power amplifier for your front left and right channels.
  • Sleek Scandinavian Design: The H390's minimalist aesthetic and high-quality build materials exude elegance and sophistication, making it a beautiful centerpiece for your audio system.

Expert Reviews:

  • What HiFi?: Awarded the H390 five stars, praising its "powerful, detailed, and expressive sound" and "outstanding value for money."
  • Stereophile: Recognized the H390 as a "Recommended Component," highlighting its "powerful and refined sound" and "excellent build quality."
  • The Absolute Sound: Called the H390 a "sonic overachiever," praising its "dynamic range," "clarity," and "ability to drive a wide range of speakers."

Who It's For:

  • Discerning Audiophiles: Those who demand the highest levels of audio fidelity and appreciate the nuances of music.
  • Music Lovers: Anyone seeking to rediscover their favorite albums with newfound clarity and emotion.
  • Home Theater Enthusiasts: Those looking to add a powerful and versatile amplifier to their surround sound system.

Limited Time Sale:

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a Hegel H390 at a special price. For a limited time, we're offering the H390 at a significant discount.

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