HEED - Thesis Gamma - 2 channel amplifier

  • HEED
  • Massive power delivery up to 2×110 Watts
  • Excellent impedance handling down to 1.6 Ohms
  • Oversized components and solid design for reliability
  • Transcap – output capacitor technology for unique musical abilities

The Thesis γ (gamma) stereo power amplifier is the most athletic member of the family. With great effort, we have succeeded to squeeze two Thesis-class Transcap module into one rather tiny, but chunky metal chassis. Its wall-to-wall transistor array supplies tremendous energy for two channels of music, without the slightest feeling of necessity.

For being a Transcap-technology stereo power amplifier, the Thesis γ has an extremely good overall transient response. The percussion instruments sound vividly and life-like, providing the essential base of music. While all other instruments and vocals brill are in their place, together they create a concert-like atmosphere, where you can feel the wink of the musicians when they make an upbeat of a new measure.

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