HEED - Obelisk Si mk3 - Integrated amplifier

  • HEED - Made in Hungary
  • Amplifier - 2 x 50w
  • 5 analogue inputs
  • Transcap technology - strong tube amplifier type watts
  • Upgradeable power supply - becomes a dual mono system
  • Optional MM phono or DAC card available 

There was a neat shoebox amplifier in the 1980’s which stirred emotions in unsuspecting hifi-freaks and music lovers alike. Sadly, the unabashedly different design of the original Ion Obelisk had become entirely forgotten. Well, almost entirely.

After two decades of silence, we have resurrected this legendary integrated, updating its exterior aesthetics and internal components. More importantly, however, we challenged ourselves with the demanding task of preserving the classic Obelisk’s absorbing delivery and infectious musicality, while offering even greater transparency, leading-edge detail and more gripping dynamics. Mission accomplished – the Obelisk Si has become a must-hear sensation straight out of the gate.

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