HEED - Lagrange

  • HEED - Made in Hungary
  • Integrated amplifier - 60w x 2
  • Transcap – output capacitor technology - 300B Tube like power
  • MM Phono-stage for stunning vinyl playback
  • Class-A headphone amplifier
  • Discrete bipolar transistor architecture
  • Optional DAC card with USB, coax and optical inputs
  • 4 analogue, 1 HT bypass, 1 MM phono and Bluetooth wireless inputs
  • Available in store only

At Heed we think there is a sweet spot for almost everything. In music, the balance of sound and silence, the ratio of the tempo to our heartbeat, or the weight of each instrument induce many different experiences. They give us pleasure or sorrow, evoke fragments of memories in rapid succession, which all evolve to an overall emotional picture about that piece of music.

When we speak about balance in music reproduction, we cannot describe it with numbers. For this reason, Heed products are not made to bend lines on an oscilloscope, but to give you one of the greatest delights in life, the joy of music. And Lagrange is exceptionally good at that.

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