HEED - Abacus S DAC - Digital to Analogue Converter - NEW

The highly-anticipated Abacus DAC is back, now equipped with an upgraded chipset for improved performance. This DAC promises a rich and immersive listening experience that is second to none. Whether you're looking to upgrade your streaming capabilities or want to get the most out of your CDs, Heed's Abacus DAC is a great place to start. - Mike, Audio Two
  • HEED
  • 5 + 1 digital inputs - S/PDIF, BNC, USB and (2) optical inputs
  • AKM 4490R chip and Native DSD128 and 384kHz/32bit capable USB connection
  • 4 selectable roll-off filters with access from the menu and remote control
  • Linear power supplies
  • Isolated analogue and digital sections
  • Upgradeable expansion card system
  • Handle PCM signals up to 384 kHz and 32 bits
  • Natively processes the double speed DSD

Our Abacus digital to analogue converter is an exquisite tool for the task, connecting you to the world of the musician, doing the precise calculations needed for the mutual understanding. Being a gateway between the digital and analogue worlds, the Abacus is not only a computing machine, it is the very source of the analogue sound amplified through your system. This sound needs to be fascinating right from the beginning, isn’t it?

The Abacus can interpret this seductive Heed sound from a great variety of digital sources, even if the music is coded in extremely highly detailed PCM or DSD signal.

PCM and DSD are the two main methods for digital recording. The Abacus can handle PCM signals up to 384 kHz and 32 bits, and natively processes the double speed DSD. Quartz based clocks and well-designed linear power supplies ensure that the resolution of digital processing is always perfect.

The analogue buffer stages of the Abacus are made of discrete components, to allow the best possible first steps for the analogue signal.

List of “S” updates

- AKM 4490R chip it is a highly revised chip

- Burr Brown PCM9211 S/PDIF receiver 

- up-to-date, higher quality power supply ICs, from Analog Devices

- Analog Devices electromagnetic isolators on the I2S line, instead RF isolators

- Transformer coupling for the RCA and BNC inputs

- New PCB for the analogue section with special care for minimizing EMI.

- 4 selectable roll off filters, these have been improved from the previous filters.

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