Gold Note - Pianosa with Tonearm

  • Goldnote - made in Italy
  • Inspired by our Italian heritage
  • Split-Spindle™ clamping design
  • 23mm Dampened Poly-Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 425mm x 200mm x 360mm (W × H × D)


Pianosa features a shaped curved plinth of Italian hardwood Walnut that reminds of the Tuscan landscape and its warm sea are manufactured by our local craftsmen who hand-made every single plinth from precious woods, a material chosen for its exceptional strength and high density. The elegant curves of Pianosa enhance the turntable ultra rigid compact plinth, combining and refining the technical design with elegant, smooth lines. The wooden plinth is also coupled with a 20mm thick MDF plinth and reinforced with a 3mm stainless steel plate. The Power Supply unit is crucial to guarantee the best performances and Pianosa features electronic controls for 33/45rpm mode and for speed fine adjustments, any adjustment is saved and stored in memory even when unplugged from the AC. Thanks to our proprietary power control generator based on a Quadral-Core micro-controller, Pianosa can effectively control vibrations and deliver high torque for the greatest dynamic and resolution. The platter Spindle/Bearing system is made of the best hardened steel and bronze to grant superior precision, the platter is made of Poly-Vinyl (23mm thick) - rigid but dead at the same time - and the new polished hourglass pulley is shaped to improve the transmission: every detail is designed to reduce vibrations, noise and wow & flutter with improved rotational stability.


The electronics that control the power driving the 12V synchronous motor and the specific materials chosen for the Pianosa come directly from the flagship models. It results in a zero vibrations device and an improved torque delivering the greatest dynamic and the finest detail. The Pianosa features our high-precision platter bearing/spindle design with the lowest coupling tolerance available. The rectified spindle is made of hardened steel and it precisely matches the chromed ball bearing, reaching the perfect low noise rotational consistency.

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