FunkFirm - Houdini with Red Achromat

Combine the Houdini with the Achromat and the sound of your table will transform into something quite special. Your cartridge will be able to read all the music you have been missing. Even with a modest table the results are quite amazing.
Mike @ Audio Two
  • FunkFirm - made in the UK
  • The next step in analogue - Control reflection both on sides of the stylus
  • Stops unwanted reflections, hear only the music
  • Houdini Available in 2 variants, ‘Threaded’ and ‘Bolted’
  • Threaded (captive thread M2.5 which is fixed from above) cartridges
  • Bolted (lugged cartridges with usually the need of a bolt and nut to fix) type cartridges
  • Achromat - the worlds best selling, and, performing turntable mat
Crystallised in Houdini, Funk is all about progress. Whatever they say, the industry Behemoths can’t stop progress. You only need listen.

The reward is more information, better fidelity, better sound. The differences are immediate and they’re not subtle. In Hi-Fi speak we can say: More Pace / Better Mid clarity / Blacker space / Greater Dynamics / Bass attack… Or, simply, it just sounds “Right”. You’ll find you’re pulling out record after record. How are we so confident? Because we’re still pulling our records out ourselves! “Bad” records, are no longer “bad”, just produced differently. This makes more sense, after all producers were happy with the sound they created. Why and how did it go wrong? It can only be at the replay end. Cross-referencing on Linns, Projects, Reed, Rega P1- P10, Schroeder, SL1200s, SME 30, Thorens, VPI, etc., the results were consistent. These benefits couldn’t be recreated any other way. The improvement is at a fundamental level. £300. Houdini delivers on all arms, not just high-end. Hear what it does to P1 or
Pro-jet Debut EVO, it’s revelatory.

About Achromat

Achromat is the natural progression from the original acrylic interface invented by Arthur Khoubesserian back in 1979. Refining the theory he subsequently launched Achromat in 2005.  Ongoing refinements in composition and application means that Achromat is now more universal and better than ever

Theory: The stylus accelerates at up to 20,000g. This means your groove wall is not so much caressed but more akin to being pummelled by a road hammer creating travelling shock waves.

When there is a material change (the record sitting on a felt mat, say, these waves are reflected and energy reflected from the bottom of the record (a mere 2mm thick) is sensed by the stylus and heard as colouration.

Can we prevent his reflection?

Achromat is the ideal material to absorb energy from the record. There is no better. But it is only 3mm thick and this is where the science kicks in. Millions of tiny bubbles within create complex pathways and that’s where the energy gets lost as heat. In this way, Achromat acts like a considerably thicker mat. Its job is complete.

No other mat is like it and all it takes is a simple A-B comparison to demonstrate the differences against other supports. Longer term listening allows subtle nuances as well as greater bass intelligibility to be appreciated.

In 2009 Achromat came top in a mat comparison in HiFi Choice and then went on to win the Gold Award for Accessory against all comers. And of course there are the testimonials from happy customers. It has become the mat of choice for LP12 owners and also Technics SL1200 turntables. No wonder Achromat is the World’s top selling mat.

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