English Electric EE1 - Network noise isolator

If you are streaming music or video this is the best upgrade you can make if
-you are using a basic cable to you music streamer or Apple TV
-have a great system but a long Ethernet cable going to it = lots of noise, less detail in the music and picture. Mike @ Audio Two
  • English Electric, Made in the UK
  • Available in store, call for details.
  • Includes a 0.5m Chord Company cable

    Once you try this in your Music streaming setup there is no going back. The result of the noise reduction is more music and a blacker background, you can hear what you have been missing. 

    Included is a 0.5m Chord Company cable to get you started. 

    Give us a call and we can walk you through the typical setup and ideal location to locate on your network.

     The EE1 Network Noise Isolator is the perfect addition to an audio/video streaming system. Discreetly placed between ethernet cables, it effectively reduces noise and allows digital signals to pass with clarity.

    Connected devices can often introduce noise to digital signals, but the EE1 eliminates this problem. And with the EE 8Switch and 16Switch, it's part of a whole series of solutions to ensure your music and images are noise-free and performance is at its peak.


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