Dynaudio Special Forty (Black Vine) - A Collector's Dream in Pristine Condition - Pair

These are beautiful speakers to see entering the room. Once you hear what they can do..your jaw will drop. A stand mount speaker should not sound like that, yet they do. Detailed, smooth, with deep and punchy bass. Mike @ Audio Two

    Searching for a Speaker That Celebrates a Legacy of Sound?

    Are you a discerning audiophile who appreciates the artistry of both music and speaker design? Do you crave a speaker that doesn't just play music, but embodies a legacy of innovation and craftsmanship? The Dynaudio Special Forty in the exclusive Black Vine finish is a collector's dream, a masterpiece of sound and design that will elevate your listening experience to new heights.

    Celebrate 40 Years of Dynaudio Excellence:

    • A Sonic Masterpiece: The Special Forty was created to commemorate Dynaudio's 40th anniversary, and it's a culmination of their decades of expertise in speaker design. With its meticulously crafted drivers, precision-tuned crossover, and elegant cabinet, the Special Forty delivers a sonic performance that's both rich and detailed,capturing the full spectrum of your music with breathtaking clarity and precision.

    • Exclusive Black Vine Finish: This limited-edition finish is a testament to Dynaudio's dedication to craftsmanship.The deep black veneer is accented by vibrant orange veins, creating a visually stunning and unique look that will be the envy of any audiophile.

    • Unleash the Emotion in Your Music: Close your eyes and feel the music come alive. The Special Forty speakers disappear, leaving you immersed in a holographic soundstage that's both wide and deep. Every instrument, every vocal nuance, every emotion is reproduced with a level of realism that will transport you to the heart of the performance.

    The Details That Make This a Collector's Gem:

    • Condition: Mint condition, meticulously maintained trade-in.
    • Finish: Exclusive Black Vine high-gloss lacquer.
    • Drivers: 17cm MSP woofer, 28mm Esotar Forty soft-dome tweeter.
    • Frequency Response: 41Hz – 23kHz (±3dB) – Captures the full range of human hearing.
    • Sensitivity: 86dB – Efficiently converts power into sound.
    • Impedance: 6 Ohms – Compatible with a wide range of amplifiers.

    Critical Acclaim:

    "The Special Forty is a triumph. It's a speaker that celebrates Dynaudio's legacy while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in speaker design." - What Hi-Fi?

    A Legacy of Sound, Yours to Own:

    The Dynaudio Special Forty in Black Vine is more than just a speaker; it's a piece of audio history, a collector's item that will only appreciate in value over time. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of Dynaudio's legacy. Visit our LaSalle showroom to experience the magic firsthand, or order online today and make this sonic masterpiece yours.

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