Chord - Mojo 2

  • Chord
  • Improved FPGA; more resolution, power and efficiency
  • High-speed USB-C input
  • Fully transparent 'Ultra HD' digital signal processing EQ
  • Wireless-ready - simply add the Poly streamer/server
  • Two 3.5 mm headphone outputs
Mojo 2 offers several ways to connect to digital devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, plus two 3.5 mm headphone outputs, meaning two can listen simultaneously. Digital inputs include fast-transfer USB-C, Micro-USB, optical and coaxial, with charging via a separate dedicated Micro-USB input.
Mojo polychromatic light-up buttons offer simple control with an additional visual guide to the device's settings. A new button offers navigation through a new range of features, including the all-important completely transparent UHD DSP function.

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