SBooster - BOTW P&P ECO 5-6V MKII

  • Enhance the sound quality of your audio device
  • High performance dual stage mains filter with earth line choke
  • Successor of BOTW P&P ECO
  • Improved innovative techniques of the BOTW P&P ECO
  • Equipped with an interchangeable DC-tip system
  • Higher output settings
  • Dimensions: 240 x 130 x 75mm (WxHxD)
  • User Manual

                The BOTW P&P ECO upgrade power supplies are equipped with an interchangeable DC-tip system and have a selectable output voltages. The higher output settings are intended for the use of the Sbooster Ultra power supply add-on.

                The BOTW P&P ECO MKII is available in a 100/110/115/120/220/230/240V AC 50/60Hz version. With your order, please select the version that meets your local mains voltage. Additionally, you can select one of the four mains cable variants. If you prefer to use a special audio grade power cord with the BOTW P&P ECO please note that the mains cable has to be equipped with an IEC 13 connector.

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