Alta Audio - Alyssa Speakers

This is a very detailed stand mount speaker that will defy what you are hearing. The bass is very well defined and plays very deep. The ribbon tweeter will draw you into the song, very smooth and detailed. They should be on your list to hear for sure. Mike@Audio Two
  • Alta Audio
  • Exceptional clarity and dynamics with detailed bass down to 32hz
  • 2.5” Ribbon tweeter and 6” midrange woofer with Titanium Former
  • A unique ported and transmission line design
  • Exposes the most minute details of a well-recorded piece
  • Features a ribbon tweeter that creates a 3D soundstage
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 13.25D x 8W x 14.5H inches

Alyssa is Alta Audio’s new compact loudspeaker that combines compact dimensions with intimate detail and deep, natural bass response, for sonic output that is typically associated with significantly larger floor-standing speakers.

Standing only 14.5” H x 9.6” W x 14.25” D, Alyssa was developed out of a company mission to design a compact speaker with the sonic attributes of a full-size, high fidelity floor-standing speaker.

Designed to bring out the best in any musical genre, Alyssa exposes every detail of a recording, from the subtlety of a solo acoustic performance to high-volume Jazz, Rock, and Hip-Hop, with room-shaking bass that remains pure and clean.

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