REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer: Your Music Deserves Deep, Articulate Bass (Even in Small Spaces)


Is Your Music Missing That Extra Dimension?

You love your music, but you crave that extra depth and richness that truly brings it to life. Maybe you've thought a subwoofer was out of the question due to limited space. Think again. The REL Tzero MKIII subwoofer is designed to deliver deep, impactful bass without sacrificing precious floor space.

Hear and Feel the Music as It Was Meant to Be:

  • Small Size, Big Sound: Don't let its compact size fool you. The Tzero MKIII is packed with technology that punches far above its weight. Its 6.5" aluminum cone driver and NextGen Class D amplifier deliver surprisingly powerful and articulate bass that fills your room and adds a new dimension to your music.

  • Seamless Integration for Musical Bliss: REL's signature High-Level input connection allows the Tzero MKIII to seamlessly integrate with your main speakers, ensuring the subwoofer "hears" exactly what your speakers hear. This results in a more cohesive and musical listening experience, where the bass blends effortlessly with your music,rather than overpowering it.

  • Perfect for Any Space: The Tzero MKIII's compact size makes it ideal for apartments, condos, or smaller rooms where space is at a premium. But don't let its size fool you – it can deliver surprisingly deep and powerful bass that will transform your listening experience.

The Details That Make the Difference:

  • Driver: 6.5" aluminum cone driver for speed, accuracy, and impact.
  • Amplifier: 100W NextGen Class D amplifier for efficient and powerful performance.
  • Frequency Response: 37Hz at -6dB in-room.
  • Connections: High-Level Neutrik Speakon, Low-Level single phono, LFE phono.

Critical Acclaim:

  • Wall of Sound: "REL has done a brilliant job at balancing a multitude of competing requirements: keeping size small, making it affordable, maintaining performance, and not alienating the REL faithful."
  • Everyday Listening: "The Tzero MKIII is a very well-performing subwoofer that will enhance many audio setups,especially smaller ones that are designed with music in mind."

Hear the Audio Two Difference:

At Audio Two, we're passionate about helping you find the perfect audio gear for your unique needs and space. The REL Tzero MKIII is a fantastic option for those seeking to add deep, musical bass to their system without sacrificing precious floor space. Visit our LaSalle showroom to experience the difference firsthand, or order online today and bring new depth and excitement to your music.

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