REL HT/1003 MKII: The Compact Powerhouse


REL HT/1003 MKII: The Compact Powerhouse

4 Key Benefits:

  • Explosive Power: 300 Watts RMS – think of it like a large monoblock amplifier – delivers room-filling, chest-thumping bass that will elevate your music and movie experiences.
  • Musical Finesse: Surprisingly agile and responsive for a subwoofer its size, the HT/1003 MKII enhances the rhythm and impact of your music without sacrificing detail.
  • Compact Design: Doesn't compromise on performance despite its smaller footprint, making it perfect for those with limited space.
  • Wireless Ready: Optional HT-Air™ wireless connectivity for seamless integration into your system (sold separately).

Detailed Description:

The REL HT/1003 MKII is the perfect subwoofer for those who crave powerful bass but don't have the space for a larger model. This compact powerhouse packs a serious punch, delivering 300 watts RMS – equivalent to a large monoblock amplifier – of room-filling sound that will add depth and dimension to your music and movies.

Unlike many subwoofers that inflate their specs with peak power ratings, REL is committed to transparency. Their 300W RMS rating means you're getting consistent, reliable power for sustained, impactful bass.

But the HT/1003 MKII isn't just about raw power. It's also surprisingly agile and responsive, thanks to its 10" CarbonGlas™ driver and NextGen5 Class D amplifier. This means you'll get tight, punchy bass that keeps up with the rhythm of your music, not just a boomy rumble.

Whether you're upgrading your home theater system or looking to add some extra oomph to your music setup, the REL HT/1003 MKII is a versatile choice that doesn't compromise on performance.


  • 10-inch CarbonGlas™ driver for powerful, accurate bass
  • 300-watt RMS NextGen5 Class D amplifier
  • High-level and low-level inputs for flexible connectivity
  • Optional HT-Air™ wireless connectivity (sold separately)
  • Compact design that fits easily into any room

Unleash the full potential of your audio system with the REL HT/1003 MKII subwoofer.

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