NAD C 700 Streaming Amplifier (Mint Condition Store Demo): The Heart of Your Modern Hi-Fi System

$1,199 $1,999

Do you love music but feel overwhelmed by the complexity of modern audio systems? Are you looking for a simple,elegant solution that brings all your music sources together in one place, while delivering audiophile-quality sound? The NAD C 700 streaming amplifier is your answer—a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly hub that will streamline your music experience and bring your favorite tunes to life.

Rediscover the Joy of Listening:

  • Effortless Streaming, Superb Sound: The C 700 seamlessly integrates with popular streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz, giving you access to millions of songs at your fingertips. And thanks to its advanced HybridDigital UcD amplifier technology, your music will sound glorious, with rich detail, expansive soundstage,and ample power to drive your favorite speakers.

  • All Your Music in One Place: Connect your turntable, CD player, or any other audio source to the C 700, and control everything from the intuitive BluOS app on your smartphone or tablet. No more switching between devices or fumbling with remotes—the C 700 puts you in command of your entire music collection.

  • Elegant Design, Intuitive Interface: The C 700 is a statement piece for your home, with its sleek aluminum chassis and minimalist design. Its 5" high-definition color display shows album art, track progress, and system settings, while the user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate and control your music.

The Details That Elevate Your Experience:

  • Condition: Mint condition, meticulously maintained store demo unit.
  • Amplifier: HybridDigital UcD, 80 watts per channel (continuous), 120 watts per channel (instantaneous).
  • Streaming: BluOS enabled, compatible with dozens of streaming services and internet radio stations.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI eARC, analog and digital inputs.
  • Display: 5" high-definition color display.

Critical Acclaim:

  • What Hi-Fi? (5-star review): "The NAD C 700 is a superb just-add-speakers system... The NAD is a generously specified and highly capable all-in-one system that is easy to use and sounds great."
  • SoundStage! Access: "The NAD C 700 offers an excellent blend of features, performance, and value. It is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a simple yet high-quality way to enjoy their music."
  • The Absolute Sound: "The C 700 is a well-thought-out piece of gear, and it's sure to find a happy home in many systems."

Hear the Audio Two Difference:

At Audio Two, we believe that great music deserves to be heard on a great system. The NAD C 700 is the perfect centerpiece for your modern hi-fi setup, delivering effortless streaming, superb sound quality, and intuitive control in a sleek and stylish package. Visit our LaSalle showroom to experience the magic firsthand, or order this mint condition demo unit online today and bring your music to life.

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