Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition: Elevate Your Music to New Heights of Sonic Perfection


Do you crave a truly immersive musical experience that captures every nuance and detail of your favorite recordings? The Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition is your gateway to audiophile nirvana, a meticulously engineered music streamer and DAC designed to elevate your listening experience to new heights.

Experience the Power of Pure Sound:

  • Unmatched Clarity and Precision: With dual flagship ESS Sabre ES9038Pro DAC chips and a fully balanced preamp circuit, the DMP-A6 Master Edition delivers breathtaking audio quality that will make you rediscover the magic in your music collection. Hear every note, every instrument, and every subtle detail with unparalleled clarity and realism.

  • Effortless Control and Seamless Streaming: Navigate your vast music library with ease on the DMP-A6 Master Edition's intuitive 6" touchscreen display or through the comprehensive Eversolo app. Enjoy seamless streaming from your favorite services like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, and more, with support for high-resolution audio formats up to DSD512 and PCM 768kHz/32-bit.

  • Tailor Your Listening Experience: Connect your existing DAC or amplifier to the DMP-A6 Master Edition's analog and digital outputs for a truly personalized soundscape. Or, embrace the convenience of streaming directly to powered speakers or active headphones.

Elegance Meets Audiophile Excellence:

The DMP-A6 Master Edition is not just a piece of audio equipment; it's a work of art. Its sleek aluminum chassis and minimalist design exude elegance and sophistication, while its powerful capabilities and innovative features redefine the music streaming experience.

The Details That Define Audiophile Excellence:

  • DAC Chips: Dual ESS Sabre ES9038Pro for unparalleled audio fidelity and detail.
  • Display: 6" touchscreen for intuitive control and navigation.
  • Streaming Services: Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music, internet radio.
  • File Formats: Supports up to DSD512 and PCM 768kHz/32-bit, as well as MQA full decoding.
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD, USB, Optical, Coaxial, HDMI.
  • Storage: Expandable with M.2 NVMe SSD.
  • Roon Ready: Seamlessly integrate with your Roon ecosystem.

Critical Acclaim:

  • Elite Audio UK: "[The DMP-A6 Master Edition] is an astonishingly capable and versatile product... an absolute no-brainer for those seeking both high-performance digital and streaming capabilities within a single, convenient unit."

  • Audiophilia: "It is very clear that Eversolo spent a lot of time and effort on the user interface for the DMP-A6 Master Edition, and the results are spectacular... Sonically, the DMP-A6 Master Edition is a revelation."

Elevate Your Music, Elevate Your Experience:

The Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition is not just a music streamer; it's an invitation to rediscover the joy of listening and experience your music collection like never before. Visit our LaSalle showroom to witness its sonic brilliance firsthand, or order online today and transform your musical journey.

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